Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Words I Can't Forget....

The other day I was working on a project, and I was going through some home videos of Bella and Ty when I first brought home Ty from the hospital. I couldn't get over how much life has changed. How much they had changed. In fact- how much I had changed! And it reminded me that it had been a while since I had blogged about the cute little moments and things they say that make me smile. I want to keep them etched in my mind forever- so I have to document them.

One of our favorite "Ty-isms" is the way that he phrases every question as a statement. For example, when he wants juice he will say- "You can get me juice?!" or "You can help me up?!" He's asking a question, but he always forgets to say "can you.." So everything sounds like he's making a demand, and it cracks us up. Our favorite (or maybe not...) is when he poops on the potty, and we hear him yelling to us from down the hall- "YOU CAN WIPE ME?!"

And a few of our favorite "mixed up" word that Ty uses.....

"merote" - remote

"banilla" - vanilla. Anything that tastes sweet, Ty tells us "yummm, it tastes like banilla!"

"mother-trucker" - john thought it would be funny to tell him that's what a semi-truck is called. But now we can't get him to change it, and he yells out this inappropriate term every time he sees one. Oh brother. Thanks John.

"prayroom" - playroom

And for Isabella, lately we just crack up at her stories and comments about school. It's like she has this whole other world in Kindergarten that we don't know about- and hearing her tell us about it is like seeing her as this new little person. Some of our favorite stories she's told us-

* The time that two boys in her class got a red card for pulling down their pants.
* Hearing her light up with joy when talking about what "job" she was assigned in class.
* The time she excitedly told us about her first bus ride on a field trip- and the joy of not having to wear a seat belt!
* She told us Cole said he wants to marry her. Apparently, this little boy has quite the crush on our Bella.
* Watching her practice and perform the songs they learn in class. My favorite is when she sings "America the Beautiful". Its so adorable!
* The pride she felt when she got to have a special lunch with the teacher for having a green card every day for a month. That's right- we have a little teachers' pet on our hands :)

I just love them so much, I could burst!

{ps- thank you steph for the priceless pics of my babies}

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Last night Bella had a pinktastic date with her Aunt Emily.

The two of them donned perfectly pink outfits, and made their way downtown to see Pinkalicious: The Musical , which happens to be an adorable theatre production of Isabella's favorite book- Pinkalicious.

To make the date even more special, Aunt Emily bought Bella a Pinkalicious crown, a new Pinkalicious doll and a few books to bring along to the show in case someone could "autograph" them for her. And what do you know- Pinkalicious herself signed Bella's book for her, and told her that she look absolutely beautiful in her pink outfit! Bella was in heaven.

A new sparkly wand, an evening watching a pink-errific musical, and a few hot pink cupcakes later... Bella was sound asleep in the car ride home.

What a day- and what an Aunt! We love you Aunt Emily!!