Saturday, July 17, 2010

Never Too Old...

... to enjoy playing with some slime :-)
John got this idea recently to make home-made slime with the kids, and so he bought the ingredients, and helped Bella and Ty make their own slime batches to play with.
First, it was Bella's turn-
Oh the wonder and joy!

Bella, of course, decided hers had to be the perfect shade of pink.

A few minutes later, the finished product was ready to be played with, molded, cut by cookie cutters, and ready for imagination to take over.

* and please note that even when playing with slime, Miss Isabella is wearing her pearls *
Then it was Tyler's turn to make a batch of his own... in blue of course.
And let me just say- pouring glue into a bowl and mixing it with random ingredients until its squishy and slimy is like a dream for a 2 year old boy!

Ty can just never seem to contain his joy.... it's just beaming all over his face :-)

Sometimes it's the simple things that they enjoy the most!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Big Man On Campus

A new dawn has arrived.....
There will now be a few mornings a week that I have to myself!!
Yes, it's true!
Ty will be 3 this fall, and we decided to get a little jump start on the "school" routine. Obviously, it's not so much school at this age, as it is "learning to play well with others" , but we felt it would be good for him to spend a few mornings learning, playing and interacting with kids his age. I think it's good for him to have some time away from the house and learning to play and understand a social structure outside of just his family. And to be honest, the first day didn't go so well.... but today was a little better, so I'm feeling encouraged!

This was my best attempt at getting him to stand still long enough to take a picture on his first day :-)

Even as I look at the pictures, I just can't believe how old and tall he is looking. Definitely more like a "big boy" which just crushes me :-( To me, he'll always still be my baby!

Gimmie a B-E-L-L-A!

Bella has been taking cheer classes this summer, and oh-my-goodness, it is too cute for words! I love when she comes home and performs new cheers for John and I :-)
So the other day before we left for class, she was in a fairly cooperative "photo mood" for me {which is rare!} and she let me take a few pictures of her adorable self.

And by the way- who taught this girl to pose? I swear she is just too much!
Look out Tyra!! :-)

Bella tries to demonstrate a jump she learned....

A day without Bella is like a day without sunshine :-)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Conversation with Bella....

Bella: Mom, when I'm 5, can you buy me a kitty?

Me: A real one?

Bella: Yes, one that eats real food. 'Cuz it's real.

Me: I'll think about it.

Bella: Ok, because it's want I kinda want.

Me: You just kinda want it?

Bella: Well, I want a doggy. But you can get me a doggy after you get me a kitty.

Me: {smiling} And why's that?

Bella: Because doggies are a big 'susponsibility' {her own word}

Me: {laughing at this point} And kitties aren't?

Bella: Nope. You just give them food and they do the rest. They don't really do anything. I think they just sit there. So I can have one because they aren't a big 'susponsibility'.

** I {heart} these conversations of ours **