Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today Was The Big Day

Today Bella arrived at her new school.... Scottsdale Christian Academy.
I've been talking about this day, and thinking about this day for a long time now. But it didn't seem real until we watched her line up at the sound of the playground whistle, and enter her new room. My baby seemed so old now, and thank goodness my big sunglasses hid my tears because I just couldn't stop them. I didn't want Bella to see me cry, so I smiled beneath the tears as I waved her good-bye. I had totally kept it together all morning, and even as we arrived at the playground and watched her play. But when she actually lined up, and marched right into this new phase without even turning back or hesitating for a second... I started feeling that lump in my throat- and it was all tears from there. I made a beeline from the school straight back to the car- really unable to even talk. I honestly didn't anticipate on feeling so emotional! But I'm a mom. And those kind of emotions just come with the territory. Bella and I have a very special bond, and I'm thankful for these types of emotions because it just reminds me of how deeply I feel about her, and how special she is to me.

We started out the day with a family breakfast, and John made her special mickey mouse pancakes {her request}. Then I got her all dressed and ready, and braided her hair {again, at her request. She is very opinionated these days}.

She looked so stinkin' adorable, and she had her cute backpack and matching lunchbox in hand- all ready to go!

I packed her lunch last night, and included a special shortcake desert and a little note for her as a surprise :-)

Of course we made her pose for pictures all morning so that we could forever remember this big day with our little girl.

Of course, Ty had to hug his big sister and wish her good luck on her big day :-)

She gave him a little pep-talk and told him that she would be fine, and he needed to be a good boy :-) They are so precious!!

Then it was time to head out for school, so we had a quick family prayer for Bella's big day, and then we all went as a family to see her off.
We arrived at school early, so Bella played on the Kindergarten playground while we waited for the whistle (and of course, took more pictures)

The time had come for her to go into class, so we watched with heavy hearts as she lined up and walked away.
Sometimes I feel like I love my kids so much, that my heart will burst.
Isabella and Tyler mean the world to me, and I never in my wildest dreams thought that being a mom would change me in the way that it has.
And although I can't do anything to stop her from growing, I feel so blessed. Blessed that Bella and I are so close... blessed that we are able to send Bella to such a wonderful school... blessed that she is happy and healthy and blessed that this is only the beginning of all new adventures waiting for us..... :-)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So our little Miss Bella Jade turned 5 this past weekend (and I still can't believe it).
We celebrated by doing a small get-together at her favorite ice cream shop, Tasti-Delite. Something small, but pleasantly refreshing on such a hot weekend here in the valley. All Bella was primarily concerned with was her cousin (and best buddy) Marley being there :-)

They decorated their own ice cream bowls to take home, and everyone enjoyed their own ice cream and toppings.
And we tried to get a picture of the kids... but who were we kidding. Getting everyone to sit still and look at the camera?? It just wasn't going to happen.

Because this is what happen when you make the cousins try to look like they love each other.... it starts out as a "hug".....

... and ends up as a choke hold.

But really, they honestly do love each other :-)

Happy birthday again sweet Bella!
You are truly an amazing little girl, and we can't get enough of you :-)

Monday, August 9, 2010

This Week...

Our baby girl, the one responsible for making me a "mommy", will be turning 5 this week.
My heart is heavy at the thought of her growing up so fast, but I am looking forward to so many amazing memories we still have yet to make together.

So peek over at the photography blog for a special photo shoot and video of our baby girl -

We love you Bella!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Let The Traditions Begin!

When I was a little girl, I l-o-v-e-d back to school shopping.
My mom and I would make a whole day of it, complete with going out to lunch together and hitting the malls. One summer I even worked odd jobs around the neighborhood so that I could have even extra money to shop with {so apparently, my habit started young} and to make the deal even sweeter, my mom told me she would double whatever I earned. Now that was motivation!
So with Kindergarten looming {just a few weeks away!} it was time for me to begin the tradition with my own little girl.
Isabella and I got up early and went out to breakfast, just the two of us, to IHOP where Bella got her first chocolate chip smiley face pancake. It looked totally gross to me now that I am an adult, but I remember ordering that when I was little...and eating chocolate for breakfast seemed like a dream.
{ignore the quality- it was taken with my iphone}

Then we began hitting the stores and crossing off things on our shopping list. We stocked her closet full of new shoes, sweaters, cardigans and adorable uniform outfits {yay for uniforms! It made shopping soooo much easier} and we got all the school supplies that her Kindergarten teacher requested. Bella was an excellent little shopper, and it was so wonderful to spend an entire day with just the two of us.
I just cant believe that my baby is turning 5 next week, and I am so thankful for every moment we spend together. She is becoming this amazing little person, and I just can't imagine life without her!