Monday, September 26, 2011

First Day of 1st Grade...

Man, I just can't seem to escape it!!
Every time I turn around, my little daughter... the one that I can still picture holding as a newborn... has grown even more. After a super fun and super busy summer, we were all ready for the changes that fall brings... one of which being school starting again. Last year was kind of our "fun" school year, since Kindergarten was her introduction to "school life". But now, she's in the big leagues. First grade is like a whole other world, and my little Bella is now such a big girl.
It's hard to admit that!!

She was eager and ready that morning.... and me? Not so much :(

She found her best little buddy Lauren right away. It's so funny for me to watch her giggle and whisper and socialize with her friends... when did she become this little person of her own??

The two of them walked off hand in hand to their new big 1st grade class... and I pathetically followed them with my phone... snapping pictures as I held back my tears.
Can you even imagine what a mess I will be some day when she graduates high school? College?? And when she gets married???
Oh boy, it won't be pretty.

We got her all settled in her new desk and {reluctantly} said good-bye. Poor Mrs. Goss had to practically throw all of the parents out of the room, because every parent seemed to linger for just a fewwwww minutes extra :)
(PS- the handsome boy sitting next to her is Calvin, who the darling son of my friend Robin :))

Now that it is almost October, we have definitely settled into our new family routine with the school year starting. Bella has cheer practice once a week, regular homework, and all sorts of social things that we seem to juggle.

Life is definitely changing.... and so far, I'm doing ok with it all!

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