Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tiny Dancer

Well, it was exactly what we had anticipated...not as much dancing as it was standing around nervously lifting up her tutu :)
Bella had her first dance performance this morning, and call it first-time jitters or just stage fright- the poor thing was scared out of her mind. We got some great pictures, but the video is even funnier. Click on this link to see a photo album of the performance:
Nevertheless, I'm still so proud of her and I thought she looked gorgeous in her bright yellow costume. Maybe next time will be better! We love our little ballerina.

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It's Dangerous to Pick a Nurses Brain said...

Hey Bri, I would love to send you guys a christmas card, but have misplaced your address. Do you mind emailing it to me?
Thanks, your little dancer is just precious. I love reading about your babies.