Thursday, February 19, 2009

Riolo Family

Last weekend, during our trip to San Diego, we attended a beautiful ceremony where my parents renewed their wedding vows. They married when my mom and dad were only 20 and 21 and they were not Christians at the time. As the years went by and they became Christians, they always talked about renewing their vows and saying those words again, but this time- with the knowledge of Jesus Christ behind the meaning of those vows. So, in front of a close group of friends and family, they said those words again- and we all got to enjoy it with them. It was a wonderful party and we are so blessed to have parents like them as an example for a strong Christian marriage. I'll post more pictures of the cermeony soon!

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The Abram Family said...

Stiiiiiilllll waiting on the pictures from the ceremony! :) (and ones from the sad, sad Superbowl :) You look gorgeous!