Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Beautiful Rapunzel & Brave Knight

If you were to ask Tyler a month ago what he wanted to be for Halloween it was not a knight. In fact, it was quite different.... he would of emphatically told you that he wanted to be "an EXCAVATOR!!!!" with his big ear-to-ear grin and sparkling blue eyes gleaming with excitement.
That's right.
An excavator.
A big, yellow, dirty Caterpillar machine that digs dirt.
(At least I think that's what it does. To get an accurate job description, I should really ask Tyler)
Ty is obsessed with big trucks, any kind of construction equipment, semi-trucks and all-around boy stuff. And if it has lights or a siren- its even cooler. I kid you not- the boy stands out on the curb in his underwear every Tuesday morning, just so he can wave to the garbage man and marvel at the big yellow truck. I promise to take a picture next Tuesday... :)
Anyway, John researched how to make a home-made excavator costume, but with only a few days before Halloween, we decided it was too big of a task to take on. So, a knight it was! Bella had already decided months ago that she was obsessed with Rapunzel, so that was already a done deal. And what better to go with a princess, than a brave knight to defend her?
I actually snapped the above picture just as Ty had picked a flower and was giving it to his sister!! How sweet are those two??!

Bella loved her costume. She twirled around constantly, and flipped her hair back and forth for emphasis of her diva status. It was pretty hilarious to see her in the wig... kinda made me smile at the end of the night when she took it off and I got to see my curly-haired beauty again.
But they had fun running around at our church's Fall Festival, and then partying it up and trick-or-treating with their cousins (I'll try to get a picture of all the kids together).
And at the end of the night, John and I had successfully picked out all our favorite candies from the kids' buckets, and we had happy, exhausted kiddos.
Just the way we like it :)

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The Abram Family said...

The flower picture is absolutely adorable :)