Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Little Sunshine

One of the most fun new things about Bella's school life this year is the "Little Eagles" cheer squad that she cheers on. It's for 1st and 2nd graders, and it is about the darn cutest thing I have ever seen. They practice once a week, and it's more about the friendship with her buddies on the team, and the fun of practicing- than it is about actual performances. But they do have a few performances through the year, as well as the ability to cheer at a few of the football and basket ball games. This particular night was her first time cheering and performing at the varsity football game, and we loved every minute of it!!
Here is my baby, practicing before leaving~
Each girl had an older varsity cheerleader who was her "coach". They stood by their coaches and followed along through each cheer with them. John and i were cracking up at how Bella would confuse which arm to raise when- but she had a huge grin on her face the whole time, which is all that matters!!
Ty preferred to sit in Arece's lap and eat a whole bag of popcorn :). Seriously though- he wouldn't even share it with me!

Then at halftime, they performed their dance routine which was sooooo awesome! The girls were actually much more polished and coordinated than we expected, and we were so proud of her little moves and the smile on her face. My particular favorite was when she threw her arms up with such exclamation as she was atop the pyramid ~ absolutely A-dorable!!

Bella is the tiny one in the middle front, right on the 30 yard line :)

I love you my sweet little sunshine! Daddy and I are proud of you, and the incredible girl that you are.


The Abram Family said...

So very adorable :)

Wayne & Shawna said...

She makes the cutest cheerleader!!!