Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We Better Start Saving...

....because Bellas wedding someday is going to be a doosey!!
She our baby girl...our princess...and the only one we get to throw a wedding for- so believe me when I say that every last detail will be tended to. :-) The reason I started daydreaming of her future magical wedding is because this past weekend we spent time with our awesome-amazing good friends the Squires, and Bella and Jacob fell even more in love.
Yes, Bella & Jacob.
Megan pointed out to me it's like a Twilight romance....too bad I have no idea what she's talking about since I've never read the books. Megan is probably rolling her eyes at me right now :-)
But seriously- it's not even that us adults tried to "force" it in any way. The two of them just kept holding hands, hugging and giggling with each other every time they were together. At the end of each day, we kept having to listen to Bella tell us over and over that she missed Jacob, and kept asking, "when is Jacob coming back?"
It was honestly the most precious thing ever. They genuinely enjoyed being around each other.
Megan and I were pregnant at the same time together, and Bella & Jacob are only about 3 weeks apart. It's like they were meant to be! And the best part? We would be in-laws with the Squires!
{Jacob isn't so sure about this kiss....}

At the end of our trip, the kids had to say good-bye at dinner, and then sadness ensued in the separate car rides home. Megan texted me a picture of Jacob pouting in sadness, and Bella just kept asking when we would see them again. So after the kids were in bed, Megan came by to watch the Oscars with me, and she brought along a "love letter" that Jacob had written before he went to bed. Actually, he dictated it to Megan, and she wrote down exactly what he wanted to say to Bella......

In case you can't read it, it says:
"I love you. I'll kiss you and hug you. When you come back I will hug you forever."

So adorable! Bella is a very lucky little lady :-)


Wayne & Shawna said...

That is sooo sweet!! They are very cute together! Yes they look like they have "imprinted" from Twilight. LOL

Joanders said...

That first picture with them in the sharks mouth... the shark looks very pixellated. Do you have a higher quality photo you can put there instead?