Thursday, July 28, 2011

Time Together

So, I'm trying to find ways to spend time with the kids this summer without doing all the same things over and over again. Maybe more for my sake than theirs, right? It's just that they are getting too old for some of the activities we used to do, and so now I'm exploring the ways to have fun with them, and still keep their interest. Not easy with a five and a half year old, and 3 and a half year old... but I'm trying!
One recent development in the little life of Bella, is that she has developed a love for reading. This totally brings me back to my childhood, because I seriously l-o-v-e-d reading. I would beg for new books whenever we went shopping, and I just gobbled them up in the same day. And with as active as kids are these days, I love that Bella has found some rest and happiness in going int her room and reading on her own. I often hear her reading out loud (or sounding our difficult words) all by herself in there, and it just warms my heart. So now that she loves to read- what better than a mother-daughter reading date at the library!

I used to take the kids there for toddler story-time or music class, but now I get to enjoy perusing the shelves for books with Bella, and then we find our own little corner somewhere, and snuggle up together as we read our piles of books. There is something about the smell of a library, and sitting in the cold air conditioning, all snuggled up with her and reading, that I just adore.

And maybe we treat ourselves to Dunkin Donuts afterwards =)
Perfect summer day =)

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