Thursday, April 29, 2010



When I wrote the post below about Bella's day riding the rides at Castles and Coasters, it reminded me of the funniest picture on earth.
{took a picture of a picture- so it's not that clear}

The ride picture from Bella's very first experience on a "real" roller coaster at LegoLand.
John and I still get tears in our eyes from laughing when we look at this picture.

Note the following hilarious components to it:

-1- The obvious- the look of sheer terror on Bella's face.

-2- The way that my too-tall husband and his long legs are jammed into that teeny tiny ride.

-3- The look on the kids' face behind Bella.

It's all just too much. Priceless!!


FluentNSmiles said...

I laughed all over again. Ahhh ha ha ha.... That really is one of the funniest pictures ever. The kids' faces are hysterical. Indeed its the simple things in life that are often worth the most.

The Abram Family said...

This picture makes me laugh every time I see it!