Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Playdate......for kids or moms? ;-)

This morning my girlfriends Heather & Heather came over for a play date with the babies.Which actually translates to us eating danishes and having coffee while chatting about the important things in the latest articles in Us Weekly.....just being honest ;-)

Reese, Allie and Tyler actually posed for a picture for us! And let me just say, Ty and Allie were having a full on love-fest today. They hugged and kissed...and later (when I figure out how), I will post a hilarious video of the two of them just have to see it to understand how hard we were laughing.

Anyway, I just love mornings like these. Spending time with these wonderful women in my life that mean so much to me. Its really been an honor to be able to all share with each other our lives, and watch each other have babies and grow together.

And quickly- for the record-
Yes, I know Ty looks lanky and skinny.
Yes, I feed him (ALL day!)
I just can't understand why he barely gains weight. But for further explanation..simply look at his dad. Like father like son :)

PS- Stay tuned for the video!

1 comment:

The Abram Family said...

Bri, it is not your son that is little, it is my daughter that is a bit full figured! Hey, curves are in now right?! :)