Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thank Heaven For Little Girls

It was about 5 years ago when John and I moved to Sacramento and met a fun, sweet couple named Matt & Rebekah. We all hit it off right away and became good friends.
The first night we invited them over for dinner, we all sat around chatting and having fun, then decided to throw on a movie.
It was only about 8:00pm when we started the movie.....but I just couldn't make it through. I was utterly exhausted, and I fell asleep somewhere in the middle. To make the situation even funnier- John fell asleep during the movie as well.

{keep in mind this is the first time we had them over to our house to hang out}

So...the movie ends, and Matt and Rebekah look around to find that their hosts were both sleeping! Both of us! Sleeping!
Talk about weird and awkward.
So they had to wake us up, and when we realized that we had both fallen asleep in front of our guests, we all had a good laugh.
Turns out, my exhaustion was due to a certain baby that I was not yet aware of. (John doesn't have a good excuse) And the Thomas's were one of the first friends we shared the good news with when we found out :-)
Even as our family moved away, we have always stayed in good touch with the Thomas's (they actually visit quite often!), and now we get to celebrate with them as they embark on parenthood themselves with their gorgeous daughter Addison Brielle. They stayed with us this past weekend, and I loved getting to spend time with my sweet friend..and especially take pictures of her stunning baby girl.

Thanks for coming Thomas family, we love our friendship and we miss you very much!

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The Thomas Family said...

Aww! This is sweet, thank you Bri. We love you guys and had such a wonderful time, as always! These pictures of Addison are beautiful! Give our love to Bella and Ty, they were so much fun! :) Love you!!