Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Have Inspiring Friends :-)

This morning I was able to help enjoy and celebrate the talents of two inspiring women.
I started the morning by attending church at Scottsdale Bible North, where my close friend Amanda attends. I've mentioned her before on this blog- but to brag even further, she is a multi-taleneted, multi-faceted woman in so many ways. One of her passions {and greatest talents!} is for singing. The last time she performed a solo at her church, I had to go out of town. So this time I didn't want to miss it! Well, she was fabulous. She has heart and passion in her voice, and she led a beautiful worship song for everyone to enjoy. I could never get up on stage and sing {plus, you wouldn't want me to. Trust me} So thank you Amanda for inviting me to come this morning, and I was so proud of how beautifully you did!
Then after watching Amanda, I rushed back to the house so John and I could pack up the kids and head out to the Rock N' Roll Marathon to cheer on our friend Christy! Christy and John have known each other since grade school, and her husband was one of John's best friends' growing up. I met Christy in college, and she is just the sweetest thing :-) Her and I were pregnant together {delivered only a few weeks apart} with our boys Tyler and Oliver...and then Christy welcomed another son just 18 months later, Wesley.
YES- that's right...she has a 7 month old, and she ran a half-marathon today! Puts me to shame, let me tell you. So John helped me plot out the marathon map, and we timed it perfectly because we were able to stop and see her at two viewing points during the race.
That arm you see above is me trying to point out Christy for the camera. She is the one in long black pants and a light pink tank top. It is so crowded there, and hard to take a picture of a moving target- but we did our best.
Yay! Thumbs up for Christy!! You looked great out there and we were so excited to cheer you on!!
There is something about seeing runners nearing the finish line that actually gets me choked up. It's such an amazing accomplishment- and I was truly inspired to see her out there doing something so awesome.

Congrats girls! I am so proud of you both!!

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The Fay Family said...

Thank you Bri. You are too sweet. Thank you for braving the crowds. (it was so insane. I had no idea how many people there would be) and supporting me. It really helped so much to have you guys cheering me on. And the spots you picked were perfect! I definetely needed the encouragement. THank you again!