Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Soooooo.....I'm actually putting it out there.

I remember when I was in high school, I really loved to write.
I actually didn't mind essays and reflective papers....I dare say I even enjoyed them.
One day, a certain English teacher pulled me aside and told me I had a great talent, and that my writing was actually good. I walked away with this feeling of immense pride, but almost felt embarrassed because I suddenly realized that I was quite shy when it came to actually discussing my writing.

Fast forward to now, and that is exactly where I sit with my enjoyment for photography. It was intriguing when we got our first "fancy" camera, and even more fascinating to me as the years went by and I starting learning more and enjoying it more. Then, I ventured outside of taking pictures of my own family, to taking pictures of our friends' families, and so on. However, I still remained to have the same hesitation with photography as I did with writing...secretly loving it, but hesitant to share it with others.

I started thinking- what would I say to Bella or Tyler if they came to me and told me about some hobby or sport or talent that they were really excited about? I would encourage it of course! I would tell them to pursue it and see where it went!

And as I began to pursue this hobby of mine, I have discovered that I love using that creative side of my brain. I love that I can be a good wife and mom to my family, a good nurse at work, and a good friend- but also have a creative and outlet that is just for me.
And I'm excited to use my hobby to bless others!

So, I've started my own photography blog to help me in "putting it out there". I still feel like that young girl in high school who would rather keep this to myself out of fear that I won't be good enough, or that a compliment might just embarrass me. Not to mention the fact that I loooove the work of some local photographers around here...I've even been a client of such rock-star photographers....heaven forbid they see my humble little blog! It's like I'm a freshman walking into Varsity tryouts.

So here I go. I'm trying out.
Even if I do just get stuck on the freshman team.
Wish me luck!


The Squires Family said...

I think you're heading straight to Varsity and I'm glad to see that you're putting your blog out there! I have wanted to share it with so many people and I'm so glad that others can now see how truly talented you are!

FluentNSmiles said...

AWESOME Bri! You are amazing amazing amazing! I'm a pretty tough photography critic but I absolutely LOVE your eye for beauty. Way to step out there and have some confidence. You clearly have a gift. Look out photography world. Here comes Brianna Anderson. :)

The Wiley Family said...

Breezy... I love love love your photos! You have such an amazing artistic eye! The only thing I am bummed about is that we don't live close enough to have you take pictures of our kiddos! I love ya and am so proud to have such an amazing talented friend! :)

Shawna said...

Ok, so I am not very good with words so I will just say...Bri you are such an amazing photographer! You capture the beauty in everything you take a picture of which just shows to me the extension of the beauty that you are inside and out!! I am so glad that you have decided to "put it all out there" so that we can all share your beautiful talent with others! :) I look forward to having our family photo session soon!

The Thomas Family said...

Brianna Anderson, so sneaky doing a photography biz under wraps! The pictures on the blog are AMAZING. Wow. You are going places! :)

Cindy said...

Go for it Bri!!! You're amazingly talented. We're just bummed you're too late for David and Melanie's wedding. Maybe the next one.
Aunt Cindy

Amanda said...

So Proud!

Justin and Morgan said...

Hey girl...that is so awesome! Funny thing...I came across your photography website when I was at a friends house and trying to show them your blog. I googled your name and that is what came up! I figured I had either missed it on your blog or you were just not quite ready to put it out there :) I am excited to follow your dream!

Brandon, Monique & Soren said...

i'm so proud of you, bri! we "type a's" really do need to discover artistic outlets for ourselves. i'm on a similar path! and i love your work so far...