Friday, January 15, 2010

Robin Hood?

I am so confused.
Last night I took Bella out for a special mother/daughter date to see Disney On Ice {I'll post about that later}, and when I reached into my wallet to pay for parking at the arena, I noticed some cash in my wallet. Figuring it was my wonderful husband who must have put some extra cash in my wallet- I didn't think anything of it.
When I got home later in the evening, I thanked him for putting cash in there- but he said he hadn't! "What the heck?" I thought.
So I opened my wallet, and counted what was in there......and I KNOW I did not put that there myself. I can count the number of times I have gotten cash out of the ATM in the past few months, on one hand. I rarely ever carry cash....unless we are on vacation, or I'm going somewhere where I know I'll need it. Without disclosing the amount that I found in there....I can say that I definitely did not take out any cash in that amount recently.
I racked my brain thinking about where I had been this past week....but everywhere I went, I've left my purse in the car because I didn't need it. And really, I've barely left the house this week because I have been so busy with the kids and editing photos. I thought maybe it was Emily {since she still owes me money....*ahem*}, but she swears it wasn't her. And I believe her, because if it was her, she would definitely take the credit :-)
So where did this come from? Am I losing my mind?
What's next? Will I find jewels under my pillow or a new car in my garage??
I just had to share this story because I'm totally perplexed, and I'm getting quite the kick out of the thought of some modern-day Robin Hood secretly handing out money to people.



The Squires Family said...

Maybe someone snuck it in your wallet as a thank you for pics?

Bri and John said...

Nice thought Meg.... But I always keep my purse in the car because it just gets in the way. No one had access to my car! And I went in my wallet after my last photo shoot to buy coffee- and I didn't notice least I think i didn't..... I'm so confused!

Mom said...

Hi Breezy,
I wish I had your problems...why doesn't anyone mysteriously leave money in my wallet?? I can't wait to see you next Wed. Any special cooking requests???