Friday, April 3, 2009

Night Out With the Ladies

Every now and then its nice to get away from work, the kids, the house and the everyday things that keep us so busy. I'm blessed to have a tight-knit clan of girls who know just when we all need a break for the evening! So we got together...left the men at our house (to watch the kids and of course, play poker as usual) and headed out to enjoy the night!
First stop- AZ88 for dinner. Loved the vibe- the decor and the mood in general. Thanks to the good planning by Miss Amanda, we were seated right away on a packed Saturday night crowd.
Next- The W Hotel. John is friends with the we were treated to VIP service! We felt so special walking right past the ropes and treated as special guests. The Sunset Beach lounge on the pool deck was the perfect atmosphere, with good music, a fun crowd and gorgeous weather....and of course I had the perfect company with me.
Last stop was to wind down the night at Tapino's Wine Kitchen. Too bad we were late and missed our reservation because by the time we got there the kitchen was closed! We settled in for some sparkling wine and then headed home to finally get into more comfortable clothes (and shoes!)
In retrospect- it doesn't matter if its a night of getting all dressed up and going out to fancy places, or if we are just talking around our favorite table at Barnes and Noble like we usually do....I thoroughly enjoy, love and appreciate each of these women. Each one is different and has her own quirks, but we wouldn't have it any other way.
PS. More pics in the Picasa Web Albums... there is a link on the sidebar, and go to Friends and Family album

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