Monday, October 5, 2009

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

So true, right?
I just had to share this funny (but completely mortifying at the time...) story that happened the other day. It was a gorgeous morning- perfect weather- so after Bella and John left in the morning, I decided to take Tyler out for a bike ride. I threw on some old work out shorts and put my messy "morning hair" into a ponytail, and out the door we went. The bike ride was glorious- and it felt so good to get some fresh air so early in the morning. After the bike ride I decided to go run few quick errands- because as all you moms know, if you are dressed, have your teeth brushed, and are actually up and moving this early in the day- you capitalize on that! I needed something for my blow dryer, so we went out to Ulta. I walked right in and went straight to the back of the store where they have all their hair tools and accessories, and I started looking around for a diffuser, with Ty perched on my hip.
Then I heard a woman (who must have been the store manager) yell out "team meeting!" and all the workers went to the back of the store, where it looked like they were holding their morning meeting. All of the sudden it dawned on me-'s pretty quiet in here. I looked around and I couldn't see any other customers. The only people in the store was myself and a circle of about 20 employees having their morning meeting. I casually walked to the front of the store and saw the that hours on the window read 'Open 10am-9pm'. I glanced at my cell phone and realized it was only 9:40! Whoops! I didn't even take a look at the hours when I had gotten there because the lights were all on, music was playing and the door was open, so I had just walked right in! Embarrassed, I wanted to leave right away before any of the employees saw me in the store (no one had noticed me the whole time I was in there). But as I reached for the door to pull it open..... IT WAS LOCKED.
From the inside.
I was locked in the store!!!
Oh my gosh, I could have died right there. My only way out of the store was to walk up in front of everyone and interrupt their meeting and explain that I had been in the store, and got locked in. So instead, I decided to sort of "hide" behind this large display in the front, and patiently wait until a worker came to open the store and let me out!
But wait- it gets worse.
As I stand sort-of hiding behind a large sign, I pretended to casually smell some bottles of bubble bath and know, trying to look breezy and unaware that I was a gigantic dork. But my attempts at going incognito were soon ruined. A woman outside the store tried to open the door , but realized it was locked. She pushed her face up against the glass to look into the store and she looked right at me. This confused her even more, because she saw me in there, and was probably wondering why she couldn't get in and shop too. So she looked right at me again and starting KNOCKING on the glass!!!! Knocking!
Here I am, in my sweaty gym shorts, messy morning hair, haven't even brushed my teeth yet, and I'm caught locked inside a store that isn't open yet..holding a toddler who until this point had been quiet....with a woman outside the store knocking on the glass and looking at me as if she is saying, "why aren't' you opening this door for me?"
And then it happened.
Tyler, who was tired of being quiet, yelled out (loudly)"Mommy! Pumpkin! Huuuge Pumpkins!!" pointing to a giant fall display nearby. All of the sudden it was quiet. The employees having their meeting must have heard us. A woman walked to the front of the store and saw me standing there, sheepishly smiling, totally caught standing in their store. Locked in.
She smiled at me, and I mumbled something that I don't even remember (completely mortified at this point) and as soon as she unlocked the door for me- I bolted.

Note to self: Always look at store hours before entering.

Another note: You can't go back to that Ulta ever again.


The Squires Family said...

I actually laughed out loud at this one. This is sooo funny and sooo something that I would totally do!

Amanda said...

I love it! Did the woman give you an evil look as you left the store? HA!

Alison said...

Oh man!! You gave me a good chuckle for today!! That is funny. And the cartoon your posted, yep perfect. That about sums up my life now! HAHA But a life that I love.

The Thomas Family said...

Oh my gosh this is hilarious!! I am laughing!! Ahhh I would be so mortified too!! Leave it to the children to blow your cover, haha!!

The Thomas Family said...

And I am totally printing out that life precisely! :)