Monday, July 6, 2009

Quick Clips.

I have been so proud of Bella and her swimming lately! We have been dedicated about getting her in the pool every day, and it's really paying off. Today at her actual swim lessons, she learned to jump in from the edge of the pool and roll over and float on her back. It's more of a survival technique that they teach the kids in case they fall in fully clothed, but it's definitely given Bella some added confidence. Here is a little clip of her playing and swimming with her dad tonight.

And this next one is just a short little video clip that will make you smile. When we went with the Yule's to the 4th of July festival the other night, there was this spinning ride that Bella insisted on riding. Don't ask me why, but John, Kerri and Kory all thought it would be a good idea to join her..and bring the little boys along too! The best part of the video is listening to everyone- Kerri can't hold her head up straight, Bella is squealing and saying "I wanna go again!" and poor Tyler is clinging to Kerri and saying, "All Done!" But the real star of the video is little Hudson's face. The camera is on him most of the time, and he is just sitting there wide-eyed, as if he is thinking "what the heck is going on?!" So adorable- and slightly hilarious.

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FluentNSmiles said...

Only John could stand in the middle of a pool and still be several feet above water. Lol. I LOVE the video of Bella and her pretend-to-be-dead float. Ha ha ha... You guys are so positive and encouraging it's awesome. She's gonna be a little fish by the end of summer.