Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Painting in the Morning.

One of the little things I enjoy the most about being a mom is watching my kids learn to do something...and then develop a love for something. It just tickles me to see how they are becoming their own little individual!

For instance, Isabella loves coloring and painting. Maybe because I've bought her coloring books and art supplies and have been coloring with her since she was about 18 months old...or maybe she just finds a lot of happiness when she sits down to do artwork. It may seem like a small thing...like the small moments you spend with your kids don't really have an impact...but I vividly remember reading with my parents from as young as I can remember (about 3). And I grew up loving to read. To this day, I am an avid reader.

For my own kids, Bella and Tyler both LOVE being read to. Love it, love it, love it. Bella also loves artwork and doing puzzles. Tyler loves figuring out shapes (in his little shapes puzzle ball) and he's obsessed with balls...specifically basketballs. Wonder where that influence came from ;-) From the looks of it, Bella will be creative like her mom and Ty will excel at sports and math like his dad :-)

So whenever I feel overwhelmed and frustrated with the day-to-day business of taking care of our house and two little kids....I try to catch myself and remember that I only get these baby/toddler years for so long, and they are sooo important. I don't want them to have memories of sitting in front of the TV, or having to entertain themselves. I want them to always remember how their parents played with them, read to them and encouraged them in the things they love!

Enjoy a little clip of my budding artist painting after breakfast this morning :-)

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FluentNSmiles said...

Hey Bri. It's Jenna. I just realized that you might not know who I am with my short hair and funky screen name. I wanted to share this with you. Your posts have been SO good for me. I work everyday with children that have been removed from their parents because they were abused. And I'm not talking about a little swat on the butt. I'm talking strangled with a rope, burned, beaten, kept in cages, and much much worse but people get upset when I tell anymore than that. Anyways, I know it's sounds really harsh, but by the time they come to me, they have been taken out of those situations and they are in a foster home with a good family and they are getting better. Children are unbelievably resilient. Once they are in a safe and stable home, they come to me for therapy. Long story short. That's all I see. So checking in and seeing what you've been doing with your kids, reminds me that there are good loving homes. I so enjoy watching your videos and pictures and seeing what healthy children in healthy families look like. Anyways, my whole point was, you're children are so incredibly beautiful and blessed. And while Bella is so pretty and Tyler is such a handsome dude, more than that they are quite obviously secure, confident, and talented little human beings. And I can't tell you how refreshing that is for me to see. You guys are EXCELLENT parents.