Saturday, May 9, 2009

Simple, Refreshing Little Pleasures.

Want to know an easy to way to make your kids the happiest kids on the block?
It doesn't take fancy toys or expensive doesn't mean buying extravagant gifts or giving them everything they ask for....

All it takes is a $30 splash pad, some Beach Boys music on the outdoor stereo and some time to spend watching them play!

John and I delight in such small things with our kiddos. This morning (yes, it was like 88 degrees at 10:00 in the morning!) we inflated the splash pad and turned on the water to let Bella jump around and have fun. We relaxed in the shade with our new misting fan (best thing ever!!!) and listened to summer music as Bella had a ball. When Ty woke up from his nap he joined in the fun and the two of them had a blast playing and using their imagination. Bella pretended to give the dolphin a bath while Ty tried to figure out how to drink from the fountain spouts :-)

But their favorite part is having us there to play with them. Bella probably says,
"Daddy watch me!!" or "Look Mommy look!!" at least a hundred times a day. They love the attention and you can see the delight on their little faces.

As the Arizona summer starts to rear it's head it's time to start spending all our time in the water, drinking lemonade, and eating Otter Pops! For all our summer pictures, I have started a new Picasa Album, so be sure to check it to see all our summer fun.


nanabanana said...

So happy to see you have a swim shirt on our little guy! I lanted flowers outside this morning and am pretty sure I saw my breath - it was really chilly. Nana

nanabanana said...

that was "planted"