Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Dad!

So my dad tells me this morning that he was thinking about going fishing for his birthday.... I'm so jealous! I LOVE fishing. And I got that from my dad. One of my favorite memories from childhood was a particular camping trip we took with a big group of friends, and my dad and I got up before anyone else one morning and went fishing together (was I 4 or 5 dad? I can't remember) but we ended up coming back with a huge line of little sunfish and I felt so proud and excited about our morning catch! Ever since- I was hooked.
And Dad, remember when I was in high school and we went to Tahoe and you and I went fishing one more time before heading home..and while you had to run to the bathroom real quick, I reeled in that HUGE trout all by myself?!! That was awesome.
Good memories :-)
Love you Dad! Hope you went fishing and had a blast
(although not nearly as much fun since I wasn't there)


Papa said...

Bri, that brings many memories rushing back. Actually, I think you were six or most likely seven. But you're right, we caught a full stringer of sunfish and cooked them up to the envy of the rest of the father/daughter camping group. I have all those memories neatly tucked away and they always bring a smile to my face whenever I think of them. I love you always! Dad

emily morgan said...

Aww I loved fishing growing up... but somehow my memories differ slightly. I seem to remember a particular time when some one *ahem* DAD *ahem* went to cast out his line and instead drove that little sucker of a hook straight through my shirt and into my back. The next ten or so minuets were then consumed with screaming and minor surgery to remove the fishing hook and worm from my tiny fragile back. Since then I've learned to duck when dad's casting out. :-) ahh the memories!! Happy Birthday Day!! I love you.