Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Friends :-)

Actually, they aren't new to me, but they are new to the blogging world!
Two very cute girlfriends of mine have created family blogs of their own, and so I am giving them a little shout-out for you to go and visit their family sites!
First is Amanda Robinson. You may remember me talking about her for her birthday post. She is married to Lance "Bus" Robinson, and if you can sit in their presence for 30 minutes without laughing- then you get some very special prize. They are hilarious, they love life, they are both kind and giving, they are hard workers (and just recently started their own business! If anyone in Arizona is looking for landscape maintenance/work, look up ACLS!) and they are good friends of John and I. Amanda is finishing up her Masters in Counseling, and Lance is busy growing his new business venture. You will notice they are labeled "Robinson Family Part 2" on my sidebar and that's because there is another Robinson family- which happens to be Lance's brother Blake and his wife Alison (who is also a close friend in our inner circle), it's so confusing....I know :-) So pop over to their new family blog and get to know them!
The second is a good friend of mine from college. We spent hours together studying and getting through nursing school- and now we are both working as NICU nurses! Her name is Monique Sawyer, and like John and I- she married her college sweetheart, Brandon. They married one year after John and I, and then moved around where Brandon finished his Masters and pursued his PhD (is that right Monique? I can't remember if he finished that). They are currently back in good ol' SD where Brandon teaches at PLNU, and they recently welcomed their first-born- little Soren Gabriel Sawyer! You will love reading Monique's writings because she is an honest, introspective, deep-thinking, sweet soul.
These girls have given me wonderful memories through our friendships, so I hope you enjoy reading about them as well!

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Brandon, Monique and Soren said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Bri! I absolutely love your blog and am so inspired to write and elaborate more on mine. Definitely a work in slooow progress:-) And thank you for your words in relating to my new life as a mom. It really does help to know how other moms have struggled too. But what a beautiful way in which we can grow more and work through our issues. I'll be a faithful reader of your life as well!