Friday, December 18, 2009

He's At It Again.

Addendum To Previous Post:
My precious little sleepwalker Tyler has been at it again lately.
We put him to bed each night. In his room. In his bed.
Has he been staying there? Nope.
Just the other night, at around 10:00, Ty quietly slipped out of his room and went into his sister's room and shut the door. We were hanging out with friends in the playroom, and we saw the whole thing. We waited a few minutes to see if what would happen, but he never came out. So when we went to check on him, this is what we found:
{poor picture quality because I didn't use a flash so that I wouldn't wake them up}

He was all cuddled up in his big sister's bed, fast asleep.
And that is how we left them- and they actually slept well all night! In the morning, Tyler was delighted to wake his sister up, and the two of them played until they finally dragged us out of bed as well.
Stay tuned, and I'll share more funny places we have found Ty sleeping :-)

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The Terveen Family said...

Ridiculously darling... enough said.