Friday, December 18, 2009

Tiny Dancer {Part II}

Well, last year I wrote a post about Bella's ballet recital {fiasco}, where she stood there the whole time, lifting up her tutu over her head and refusing to dance.
(You can see that post HERE)
But what a difference a year makes! This time the performance was much more casual, which I think relaxed Bella a little. They were allowed to wear any outfit they wanted....and Bella insisted on an outfit that we bought for her last year and is waaaay too small on her {which explains the hilarious "wedgie" in one of the shots of her backside!!} but if it made her happy- then fine with me.
I tried to get a few pictures of her before we left-
But then she started giving me the "no more pictures mom!" look.
Then, much to our surprise, she loved dancing up on stage! She wasn't nervous or scared, she just danced her little heart away! We were so proud of her. She genuinely enjoyed dancing, and it didn't seem to bother her that people were in the audience watching.
Below is a short series of clips that John put together of Bella's for Ty at the end who started calling out Bella's name when they exited off stage. Then he turns around and exclaims, "Mommy! Bella's all done!" Then he ran up and hugged her when she came off stage. Adorable!!

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