Thursday, December 10, 2009

An Orange A Day...

There is a nice sized orange tree in the back corner of our yard.
It isn't too big- yet it gives an amazing harvest of oranges, which cover the tree each season. I have been amused to find all sorts of little surprises hidden around our home since we've moved in. When we first decided to move to Scottsdale, I begged and pleaded with John to help find a house that did not have "desert landscape" and cactus all over the yard. My childhood in California has raised me to believe that front (and back) yards should have grass and trees...inviting kids to run and roll around. There is nothing about a 10 foot saguaro cactus that screams "come play!"
And so- God smiled on us, and we found a home with green grass, lots of full bushes, palm trees and lots of mature trees for shade and color. I used to brag about our cactus-free yard all the time. Then one day something caught my eye.....snuggled deep in a corner of the front of our house, hidden behind our lemon tree, was a small round little cactus. We got a good laugh out of that.
I've also been pleasantly surprised at the productive fruit trees. A lemon-lime hybrid tree (I call it a that a real fruit?), a passion fruit tree, a grapefruit tree and the orange tree in the backyard. In a way, those trees fool my mind into thinking I am back in California....they are like my little piece of home in my yard.
So today the kids and I collected our first orange harvest of the season.
Bella took pride in finding the most "orange" ones, while Tyler took aim and played "basketball" by throwing them into the bucket.
We didn't come close to collecting even half of the oranges, and we filled our bucket!
Anyone have any good uses or recipes using oranges??

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